Healing Spiritually Through Your Soul's Akashic Records

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What Is Available In Your Book Of Records?

Within this realm, every life lived, every experience, trauma and emotion has been recorded. 

The possibilities for the present and the future can also be accessed, but are dependent on a commitment to heal and elevate our souls energy. 

Because the work in this realm is about self responsibility, you will learn, in the most compassionate and loving way, that our commitment to heal and shift our energy literally dictates which outcome we experience. When things feel hard, or what most experience as stuck and painful, or what used to work doesn't work anymore, these are signs we are at a crossroads and are being called to heal. Choosing to investigate and heal whatever is up for us literally determines whether you take a right or a left at the crossroads. The outcome of each can and likely will be drastically different. 

How we choose to live in this lifetime is completely our choice. What we don't heal we take with us into the next. Its really that simple.

You will come to understand that your souls' highest level of consciousness chose every wound to heal before coming into this life. When we understand that, we accept that every experience, regardless of pain level, was/is by design, we agreed to it. The pain is calling you forward to heal what your soul committed to heal before you took a body and came into this life.

Know that when we call upon our guides, they jump into action. It's their souls' purpose to be in service to us, to give guidance, wisdom and insight into our wounding, behavior resulting from this wounding, patterns, beliefs or energetic blockages that keep us from a life of abundance. 

What does abundance look like to you? What is your life purpose? 

We are being asked to call forward our highest level of consciousness, our highest vibration, the level of consciousness we've forgotten. To rid ourselves of wounding, to clear our energy of toxic blockages that create illness and low vibration, to be compassionate, forgiving and loving to others, regardless of any circumstance.

Our energetic heaviness, our unattended wounds are becoming too much for Mother Earth, it's time.


Through accessing the records, Bobbi helped me reunite my body, mind, and spirit with faith. I had called Bobbi because a friend had told me about a reading he recently had. The past life revealed confirmed my troubles (physically and mentally) were epigenetic. I needed this verification to be as dedicated to my healing as possible.

 Any doubt I had in her abilities was swept away almost instantaneously when the chronic physical pain in my back, I had been used to feeling for over a year, left my body while I was speaking to her. Whether you ascribe to a higher power or not, the symbolism and the stories the records carry are vivid and on point. (Not by just by my standards but also other friends that have visited her).

 Both the records and Bobbi’s ability to gift mantras, meditations, describe the guides, and give super practical advice and tools on what to do next and how to take care of yourself made the experience truly life changing. 

Bobbi made me realize how Little we know about truly taking care of ourselves and how simple it can be to do so. Sometimes we need guidance in these areas. The generations living now were not taught these things. 

I strongly recommend calling Bobbi if you need support in understanding the patterns that play out in your life and how to heal them. She is the perfect person to call if you have a chronic disease or have lost hope. Part of healing and growing up is learning how to ask for help from the right people. Bobbi provides a safe space for that but in order to get the most of the session you must be ready and willing to heal and want the best for your life and those around you. 


My first reading with Bobbi Vogel was over the phone and I literally had no idea what to expect, but Bobbi made me feel safe to go wherever this journey was going to take me.

Bobbi is truly gifted and talented, I loved my reading and felt completely safe to open up to get the questions I wanted answered.

Just a few minutes into the reading and I knew the information was coming from a higher realm. How could she possibly have known these details about my life that not even my closest friends and family know?

Bobbi changed my life with opening my records, in so many ways. I now understand on a much deeper level why I perceive the world as I do. I also understand my relationships with the people in my life in a whole different light. Now I can see my path forward more clearly. I feel lighter, like a heavy weight has been lifted from my body and I can now move through the world much easier. I feel transformed.

-Ricki Sanchez

I am honestly trying to find the words that are significant enough to describe what this experience was for me. I was meant to be in that exact situation and there really isn't a definite reason things worked out the way they did. I am forever changed in a monumental and significant way for the better. I felt safe, cared for, trusted and trusting, open and vulnerable. I knew from the moment that I sat down that I was going to be ok, ok because Bobbi Vogel was so calming and welcoming. I was nervous that I was going to do something wrong or it wasn't going to work and without outwardly expressing that...Bobbi told me to breathe, to calm myself. Then the truth of so many aspects of my life poured out of her. I am forever moved, changed and grateful! 

-Dawn Brooks Holsten 

When I started my session I had no idea what I would ask or where this would go. I was nervous and not sure I even wanted to do it at first. You made it so easy, our conversation flowed naturally and I began to feel at ease and just talk with you. The problems in my life were hard to talk about and I felt sure that was what I was going to have to vocalize. You were able to open my records- your analogy of taking my book off the shelf and opening it was right on! Instead of me having to tell you anything you immediately saw something that had been causing me problems in a relationship I was totally unaware of. After explaining it, giving me advice on how to handle it and giving me obvious information you could never have known otherwise that made me sure this was real- I was astounded. I have used this information and advice for a week now. It has changed my mind set drastically and therefore my relationship. Not only is it 100% better, but the response was amazing. I am so much happier and so very grateful I let you in to my life to help me!! Thank you so much! You have a gift and can help people in ways they do not know exist. I wish I had had this information and help years ago. I've wasted so much time, energy and misplaced anger - but thank god I now can move forward in my life in a positive, happy way! Much love and gratitude sent your way!

-Cheri Welch-Rome

Bobbi, I am so glad for you. I have been to many counselors, I even have an MA in counseling myself, and I have never spoken to anyone more caring and able to help me look into myself. I know you will be successful in doing the same for others. Thank you, Ellen

-Ellen Larson 

Thank you for taking on this mission. Thank you for a powerful session that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Words can't express my gratitude. I feel at peace knowing more about my journey and understanding the reasons behind it all.

-Hind Aineb 

This is such an incredible experience. To have the guidance come through in such a compassionate way from my own Masters, Teachers and Loved ones through Bobbi-to hear validation after validation of the truth; to see where you have been, what is in store, and how any past hurts or wrongs can all be turned around...there really aren't any words to describe how you will feel with so much self-clarity. 

-Sarah V

 When I met Bobbi, I thought it was pure happenstance. I have come to realize that it was not, she was meant to be a teacher that I didn't even know I needed. As I got to know her and slowly heard of what she believes, it piqued my interest, but I had a lot of reservations. But as I grew to know Bobbi more, I agreed to let her open my records. I was at a point in my life, where I was at a crossroads. And allowing Bobbi to open my records has set me on a path that has made all the difference. Before my life had been filled with hardship and struggle. And I was extremely weary. Now I have been filled with a new 'lease' on my life that I so desperately needed. My life is unfolding in an easier more organic way that feels amazing. And I feel incredibly blessed to have been given an incredible mentor in Bobbi Vogel

-Karen Holtz 

Bobbi words aren't enough to say how thankful I am for you performing an Akashic Record reading on me. Because of you doing the reading, I now have my mother and her love surrounding me and nurturing me. 

I look forward to the future more purposeful than before because of what was revealed to me during my Akashic reading. 

Bobbi, I thank you!!! — feeling thankful.

- Donna Hylton

About 3 weeks ago, I had my life changing session with you. After all the money I have spent on counselors, you opened my records and said, “Well this is why these things have happened.” Bingo!! 

I feel like I'm growing daily since I spoke with you. I see things in a whole new way, and I'm more comfortable with myself than I have ever been. I feel more optimistic about life and less anxious about all the little things. The biggest blessing of all is that my relationships are improving tremendously. I am so grateful for this transforming experience and your continued guidance. I agree that this must be your true calling in life. You are helping so many people with your talents! Thank you, Bobbi, from the bottom of my heart for all you have given me.

- Debbie Kirchhoff 

Bobbi's Akashic Records Reading was nothing shy of extraordinary. My question is one that has been a pain and pressure point for years. The reading not only provided concrete direction but also affirmed truth that I had long forgotten. My sense of direction was restored. Hope was renewed. I am forever grateful that you've chosen this path. You are a gift to others. Thank you Bobbi!

-Leslie Plettner

I am grateful for this new Akashic Records discovery. Bobbi was informative, interactive and incredibly specific. Together we CLEARED a major block that had a STRONG hold on me, I had no idea it existed. We experienced and liberated someone from my past, who had yet to cross over due to incredibly dark passengers willing him to interfere in my ability to move forward with other intimate relationships since his passing. 

He is now in a better, pain free place with God and his angels, and I am now feeling lighter in my walk through life.

It was BEAUTIFUL and emotional.

Thank You  Bobbi, you are an angel helping to liberate humanity. It's a pleasure & an HONOR to experience you presence ….

Much Love to your GIFT!

- Love Adriana 

Bobbi, You are an amazing woman! I thank you and your guides for the insight and healing I received from our two sessions. Thank you for providing a road map via the records!! The healing process is beautiful, and I am so grateful for your integral guidance along my journey. XOXO — feeling grateful.

- Jamie Bulaich

The insight and wisdom gained through my work with Bobbi in my records has pushed me to new heights, I feel I'm soaring above the clouds! I felt tangled, uncertain and confused, unable to move forward. Everything has shifted since our work together began. Homework was given/assigned through the records, with a clarity thats not explainable. I trusted the guidance, did the work and can testify that not only has my life shifted drastically, as if miracles are occurring, but I am finally peaceful living my life on purpose. 

- Max Macveety

I was in a horrible toxic relationship/marriage for many years and I had almost lost the will to live. After leaving I found myself in the best relationship I had ever been in, but was so depressed and lost and felt like everything I had been through was all my fault. Bobbi opened up my records and told me the relationship I was mourning the loss of was all an illusion, and that my soulmate was right in front of me! I chose not to listen and stepped away from my true love, because I was so confused. Everything in the records I was told would happen, happened. Everything became so clear and my True love was waiting just like the Masters said she would, with love, understanding and open arms. Thanks to Bobbi's guidance my life makes perfect sense and I am open and ready to be happy with my other half Sarah! I feel so blessed and grateful for seeing my true path! I encourage everyone to find there true path in this life cause it will set you free! Thank you ❤️

 -Chad Wergin

I am still trying to wrap my head around my reading with Bobbi, it was absolutely amazing.I have never had my book of records opened and didnt know what to expect. I was nervous and very anxious for some reason but she made me feel so comfortable and walked me through everything that was going on. The things she told me were so real and so true to my life, some things hurt but it was exactly what I needed to hear in order for me to move forward in this life as my best self. I will forever be grateful for that. When the reading was over I felt empowered, enlightened and I now have a plan moving forward. its hard to put into words but it truly changed me. Thank youBobbi, from the bottom of my heart.

- Sarah Bell

Bobbi has opened my eyes to the deepest levels of myself with care and finesse.She has helped me dig up my demons and release them, thus creating a happier and healthier life for myself.

I am so grateful to Bobbi and the work we've done together. She is quite astonishing.

- Jordan B

Will This Attract Dark Energies?

This is the question I have been asked the most. It's quite the contrary actually! When connecting and working with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in your Akashic Records, you can be assured that your best interest and the highest good is the only energy vibration present. In this realm, I am simply a channel or medium for whatever information is deemed necessary for your healing. Through this work, I now understand myself to be a Clairvoyant.

what brought me to this work

To say I've had a challenging life this time around would be an understatement! I will only speak to the years 2011-2016, because those are the ones that finally brought me to my knees, for which I am grateful in every cell.

Six years ago, I experienced an incredibly painful divorce, one I didn't think I would live through, but here I am! I left that marriage with my 8 year old son, who I adopted at 14 months as a single mom. He was born with some incredibly severe issues due to his birth mothers history of drug/alcohol abuse and mental illness. I believed that love alone could heal everything. I was wrong. My sons behavior towards other children left me isolated, other parents simply couldn't allow their children to be around my son, he became a danger. He had all the intervention the system had to offer, but the system is taxed and broken, which left me on my own with a child that wasn't manageable. Ultimately he ended up doing stints in high level care facilities in Northern Ca. At the time, I was a top producing realtor in the Bay Area, but felt that perhaps a new start for both of us was the right thing, maybe we could both heal and create a life without stigma, maybe I could figure it out on my own. I made the decision to move us to SoCal. 

We moved to Venice California where he attended a public school for the first time in his life after a Psychiatrist deemed him capable and rehabilitated. Long story short, my sons behavior escalated to the point of me not being able to make it to work due to his inability to stay in school on any given day and eventually we lost everything. It was a living hell.

I began walking the beach every morning praying for help, praying for a break in what felt like a relentless chain of pain. Nothing that worked before was working anymore and I wasn't sure how I was going to tolerate it, much less survive it. At times I would sob in disbelief as I walked, but kept praying. Thats when healers started showing up in my life. Just when I was ready to wave the white flag, God came and took me by the back of my shirt and stood me up, kept me walking forward, all I had left was faith. I was stripped of everything I had known. My son was now in juvenile detention and I was finally able to begin healing.

I could write for hours about the miracles that unfolded, that kept me alive and continued to feed my faith, but I will spare you! I began a relationship with and a trusting, in what I couldn't see, but knew was real beyond anything I had ever known.Various healers often worked with me at no charge, somehow an army showed up and taught me how to trust and rely on myself, my guides and higher power, how to heal. I became relentless and my life began to shift in ways that had no explanation. Angels showed up in human form and supported me in ways I can never repay, other than to pay it forward. I simply asked God and my guides to help me, please help me. My parents, who are both on the other side showed up in full force, in a way they never could while here, and still do. All I have to do is ask. Being in service to us is their souls' purpose on the other side. When we don't ask, we rob them of the opportunity to serve. 

I believe in miracles and I know that every soul in a body can heal. Every soul can heal. In fact, its what we signed up for. We are being called to be relentless in our quest.

I began asking "what is my life purpose, please lead me to it, how can I be of service?' 

Working on behalf of God, the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones is where that question led me. I know if I can heal, than anyone can. I also NOW know there is a much shorter route! There is no need to suffer through at the levels we as humans choose.

This is my passion, my life purpose and I am so grateful for every experience I've had because it led me here. It is an honor beyond words to do this work. To be in service to others, is being in service to my souls journey. Healing and paying it forward elevates us. Its why we are here. 

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