Healing And Guidance Via Your Soul's Akashic Records

Compassionate Healing

Answers To All Questions Are Available In The Akashic Records

* 1ST Time - Whether you're someone just dipping your toes into the healing realm, or even the notion that there is another realm, curious but apprehensive, that's ok, your  guides are aware! You can start with a simple question about your job/career, relationship...what's ahead for you, how can you support a loved one? Wherever you are and whatever is up for you, there is support beyond what most imagine.

* I GET IT, BUT I'M NOT SOLD - I know without a doubt, every life lived, every experience, trauma and emotion have been recorded. The present as well as the possibilities for the future are all available in your Akashic Records.  The ultimate goal is for your soul's healing, because it elevates us when we heal, but sometimes just information and understanding is healing enough. Sometimes clarification and validation can push us through, take us into a new understanding and vibration, clear an energetic block. 

* LET'S DO THIS! - Personally, this is what I ordered off the menu. I am relentless with my healing, I finally had to be because I was tired of doing the same thing with the same results. These sessions typically involve going deep, surrendering to whatever is deemed necessary to unravel the deepest of wounds, to accept them and their hold on your life, then allow them to be moved out of your energy space with forgiveness. Be empowered to release the toxic debris in the most compassionate way possible. No session is the same, every souls' journey and lessons are different. These healing sessions are powerful and inspiring, yet can be intense. If you're ready, they're ready! 

More information can be found in section "My Journey To Healer" but there are a few important things to understand. First being, I am simply a channel for the information that comes through. The information can come from different places within the realm of the Akashic Records. Who comes forward to deliver information is agreed upon between them. Secondly, If there are loved ones on the other side, they will step forward if they have something beneficial to add. We don't get to demand that they show up. A close relationship in life isn't always a prerequisite for them to step forward. It's possible you may not even have known them, yet they are around you as guides. 

It is not possible to cover how astounding this work is and what is available with simple words. To be connected to all that is, to this level of support will change your life. You are truly surrounded. Whether you believe that or not, doesn't change what is.

What I've written below is likely not for the "Toe Dippers", yet it remains the truth. I have experienced it first hand while doing this work in the records, so I am compelled to share it.

Because healing is about self responsibility, our commitment to heal and shift our energy literally dictates which outcome we experience at perhaps a crossroads. When things feel hard, or what most experience as stuck and painful, or what used to work doesn't work anymore, these are signs we are being called to heal. The universe and all that is, will find a way to get your attention. This can come in many forms, even illness.

How we choose to live in this lifetime is completely our choice. What we don't heal we take with us into the next. It's really that simple.

Your soul's highest level of consciousness chose every wound to heal before coming into this life. When we understand that, we accept that every experience, regardless of pain level, was/is by design, we agreed to it. The pain is calling you forward to heal what your soul committed to heal before you took a body and came into this life.

When we call upon our guides, they jump into action. It's their soul's purpose to be in service to us, to give guidance, wisdom and insight into our lives, decisions, relationships and/or beliefs and energetic blockages that keep us from a life of abundance or experiencing peace.

We are being asked to call back our highest level of consciousness, our highest vibration, because we've forgotten who we are. To find our way back to compassion, forgiveness and loving to others unconditionally. Regardless of any circumstance.

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