Healing Spiritually Through Your Soul's Akashic Records

Compassionate Healing

What Is Available In Your Book Of Records?

Every life lived, every experience, trauma and emotion have been recorded and are accessible for healing and exploration of your soul's purpose. 

In this realm, loved ones who have passed often come through to facilitate our healing. Sometimes just knowing they are ok, at peace and with us can be enough. Mending our relationships with people on the other side is also possible, it's never too late.

Because healing is about self responsibility, you will learn, in the most compassionate and loving way, that our commitment to heal and shift our energy literally dictates which outcome we experience. When things feel hard, or what most experience as stuck and painful, or what used to work doesn't work anymore, these are signs we are at a crossroads and are being called to heal. Choosing to investigate and heal whatever is up for us literally determines whether you take a right or a left at the crossroads. The outcome of each can and likely will be drastically different. 

How we choose to live in this lifetime is completely our choice. What we don't heal we take with us into the next. Its really that simple.

You will come to understand that your souls' highest level of consciousness chose every wound to heal before coming into this life. When we understand that, we accept that every experience, regardless of pain level, was/is by design, we agreed to it. The pain is calling you forward to heal what your soul committed to heal before you took a body and came into this life.

Know that when we call upon our guides, they jump into action. It's their souls' purpose to be in service to us, to give guidance, wisdom and insight into our wounding, behavior resulting from this wounding, patterns, beliefs or energetic blockages that keep us from a life of abundance. 

What does abundance look like to you? What is your life purpose? 

We are being asked to call forward our highest level of consciousness, our highest vibration, the level of consciousness we've forgotten. To rid ourselves of wounding, to clear our energy of toxic blockages that create illness and low vibration, to be compassionate, forgiving and loving to others, regardless of any circumstance.

Our energetic heaviness, our unattended wounds are becoming too much for Mother Earth, it's time.

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